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    Understand Your Current Plan

    Our process begins with assisting plan sponsors in understanding their roles and responsibilities as a fiduciary. We act as an ERISA 3(21) to the plan in which we share fiduciary responsibility with the plan sponsor. As a fiduciary, we implement a prudent process in order to help minimize potential legal liabilities. Our process enables us to install a fiduciary oversight program which helps us mitigate risk and manage plans diligently. Through our guidance and documented process, we can help ensure your plan is in full compliance with regulatory standards in a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

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    Redefine Your Goals

    One of the biggest problems we see today is that plan sponsors neglect to deal with investment selection. Investment selection is a process and we help guide you by building a blueprint to select and monitor plan investments. The blueprint is known as an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and serves as the plan’s long-term strategy pertaining to investment goals and objectives. We conduct quarterly reviews of plan performance in order to ensure that investments are working towards the plan’s goals and objectives.

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    Analyze Plan Effectiveness

    By benchmarking your plan it allows us to evaluate the competitiveness of your plan compared to other vendors in the industry. If necessary we can help negotiate lower fees with your current record keeper or assist in implementing a more cost-effective plan. We strive to be reactive rather than proactive in order to ensure our clients are receiving the most cost efficient service in the industry.

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    Upgrade Your Plan

    Our goal is to help you clearly identify all fees associated with your plan by increasing transparency. There are often hidden fees within retirement plans such as revenue sharing. Revenue sharing fees are indirect fees paid by record keepers to Third Party Administrators and Advisors.

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    Deliver A Prudent Process

    is the foundation for implementing a successful retirement plan within your company. Whether starting from scratch or reviewing an existing retirement plan we help build a plan that is unique to your current situation. Better plan design may lead to increased participation and could give employees a better chance at retiring comfortably. We believe that consistently reviewing key metrics such as employee demographics, expected contributions, risk tolerance, and participation will allow us to evolve your plan as your business grows.

    Roth: adding a Roth feature enables after- tax contributions to be withdrawn tax-free if the funds are held for at least five years.

    Safe Harbor: adding a Safe Harbor provision to your plan will allow business owners and highly compensated employees to maximize contributions to their own accounts while satisfying the nondiscrimination testing.

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Who We Serve

A company retirement plan is an essential component of an effective corporate benefits program, offering an attractive incentive for new hires and existing employees, while providing owners and executives with a way to save for their own financial futures. At Advanced 401k Solutions we collaborate with employers to align their retirement plans with their company goals.
We understand that our clients’ time and energy should be devoted to growing their company, which is why our team takes pride in navigating our clients through the complexities of administering their company retirement plan, including the many fiduciary duties and investment choices plan sponsors face.

Our goal is to proactively assist our clients in the following areas:

Employers/Plan Sponsors/Plan Fiduciaries

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Fiduciary Responsibilities:

We assist plan sponsors in developing formalized processes to meet their responsibilities.

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Investment Selection & Monitoring:

As 3(21) Investment Advisors we share investment responsibilities with our clients. We will develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to help you make investment decisions.

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Understanding Plan Costs:

Fees should be transparent and easily explainable to employers and employees. We help our clients fully understand the costs associated with their plan in an effort to maximize efficiency and minimize expenses.

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Benchmarking Plan Services and Fees:

We compare your plan costs and services to similar plans in the marketplace and assist in transitioning to new service providers when appropriate.

Employees/Plan Participants

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Goal Planning:

Are you maximizing your company’s matching program? Are you taking advantage of Roth contributions? Do you understand how much you should save now so that you can retire comfortably? We work with the plan participants to help them understand how to get the most out of their company’s retirement plan.

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Through online and in person education, we assist employees with understanding the risks, rewards, and costs associated with their investment options.

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About Advanced 401k Solutions

At Advanced 401k Solutions we take pride in designing highly customized solutions that meet the distinct needs of each of our clients. We believe that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to retirement planning and collaborate with our clients to develop plan review processes that work for them.

Our team is focused on providing outstanding service to help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary duties and to assist plan participants in achieving their retirement goals. We aim to accomplish this by increasing the transparency of plan fees, providing an in-depth understanding of investments, and offering superior educational resources.

We understand that our commitment to serving our clients requires their trust, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity in all that we do. It is through this mutual respect that we are able to cultivate a bond with each of our clients and deliver an exceptional experience.

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